Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting Organized

I think of myself as an organized person.  I like to make lists and cross things off.  I keep both a private, online calendar and a public paper one.  I like to be sure of deadlines.  The undergrad course that I teach is well laid out at the beginning of the semester - at least the view that my students have;>)

But my creative work - the fiber that I dye for my Etsy shop, for my retail customers and my own work -can get a bit out of whack.  This weekend I spent a good bit of time butting my dye studio back together.

I unpacked the boxes from my workshops last weekend.  But because they were all sitting on an already cluttered table where the dyes and color cards live, that table had to be cleared of those boxes, the random papers and tools that was accumulated, I thought I might as well clear the whole thing off and wipe it down. Result:  One clean surface.

I have been accumulating dyed fiber: some leftover from the last time I was a vendor (different put up than the Etsy shop); examples for my classes, fiber that I dyed in my classes, roving I have set aside to overdye,  stuff that I haven't listed on Etsy yet, fiber that I have set aside for myself, etc.  You get the picture:  Large plastic tubs and copier paper boxes full of fiber that looks pretty random to the naked eye.  Now it is organized:  Fiber it now weighed and packaged for Etsy, drum carded fiber is properly stored away for future blending or spinning.  Dyed fiber is sorted by color and ready for its future destination - whatever that may be.

Detritus has been tossed.  Stuff (clothing, extraneous household objects, yarns that need to go to a new home, etc.) has been put into boxes for donation.  Some is already in my car.  Feeling pretty good here.

A friend who works in glass asked to see my studio the other evening.  I was all set to show off my newly organized studio.  Yet somehow it just didn't look that snazzy.  Of course I'm not finished.  Since I didn't have enough newspaper to put down fresh, The old spotty stuff was still down on the main dyeing table.  I have not yet swept the fluffy bits that letter the floor/  Empty boxes were piled on my nice clean table.  My sweetie's stuff was all gathered in a large area in front of his worktable.

So I'll cross off a few things on the list and add more, including taking pictures.  My life:  A work in progress.

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