Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011

So many blogs have been starting the new year with resolutions, which includes revisiting last year's resolutions.  That can be a little dicey, particularly if your weren't all that successful.  I still might, but since I can only remember one resolution, I'll have to go with that one.  I'm almost afraid to look at my Big Plans for 2010.

My main resolution was to become a better spinner.  To be more mindful and to challenge myself to spin finer, more even yarns.  For a long time, I settled into my default bulky yarn - perfect for the quick & cozy hats that I do so love to make.  I think that I was afraid that I might loose my ability to spin the 'calm' that I needed to settle my monkey mind.  For me, spinning had become a way of not thinking, just mellowing out.  I blame grad school - I needed the mellow.

But as those days are behind me.  Now I want to think about my spinning and make better yarn.  Well, although I am not going for the Certificate of Total Fabulousness, I think that my yarn is definitely better.  More...shall we say...refined.  It is finer, smoother, more even.  But I still can whack out the fluffy stuff when I want to. Success?  I guess so.  Brilliant?  Hardly, but that's okay.

My 2011 resolutions seem to be personal, rather than fiber-related.  Kind of in the Wag More, Bark Less department. Possibly not fit for public display.  We'll try again tomorrow. No promises...

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