Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Things are About to Happen

If I saw this message in a fortune cookie, I would be feeling about like I am right now.

My house is in flux right now. Let's think about pretty dyed wool.

  • The Roofing dude is about to fix the creaking rafters.
  • The Plumber has my leak on his schedule (as soon as he gets back from Europe!).
  • The Solar guys are about mid-way through their installation.

Then I get to finish up the remaining stuff - like those giant cracks and then painting everything!

In the world headquarters of Smoky Mountain Fibers...
  • SAFF is over and was delightfully successful and fun in so many ways.
  • My booth-sitting was financially positive
  • I'll be working at the Locally Grown Gallery this weekend at the WNC Farmers Market.
  • My Etsy shop has been quite busy, thank you!
  • I hit the blogoshere, thanks to Ms. Ashlee of My Cellar Door!

The day job has been requiring excessive reporting to finish the federal fiscal year, but they are nearly complete.  This makes me happy as I don't enjoy the reporting part of the job.
I will lead my first full program on English Country dancing on Sunday.  Last night I sent the tune list to the musicians.  Wish me luck.

So with this fortune, I am felling happy, lucky and expecting Great Things!

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