Saturday, October 17, 2009

The End of Summer

Living in Western North Carolina is wonderful for many reasons. In addition to great support forcraft in general and fiber in particular, The weather can be delightful. This year has been a warm (not hot), moderately wet growing season.  I had terrific peas & beans, good squash & cukes, excellent tomatoes  & peppers.  But with a night that may see a bit of rain turning to snow, This is the last of the garden for this year.

The last green beans.  I recommend Kentucky Wonder pole beans.  They have just kept coming and taste good even big.

Sweet and tasty raspberries. Yum!  Made a few pints of jam too.

A squash flower.  Ever hopeful, but likely doomed.

Chard.  This will keep on coming, though it may not overwinter.  I plan to box them in with hay bales to give them a hand.

Dinner tonight:  the last of the eggplant with mushrooms, onions, peppers and tomatoes

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Mulchandmore said...

Yummy looking chard (and everything) Yep, ours froze a few weeks ago but only one temporary snow so far.