Monday, May 11, 2009

South Beach Calling

Sadly, my last summer weight loss has snuck back on. Even though I can tell myself, 'I look damn good for age 50-something and if you don't believe me, just go to any public place (though preferably someplace like WallyWorld) and take a look at the other women my generation,' but my clothes are getting increasingly snug. Now granted, I only bought a couple pair of new pants once I got skinny so most of my clothes are just fine. But that's not the point. I'm all hooked on sugar again - even drank a bit more beer than I intended the other evening - something I have not done in quite some time. Granted that was 3 beers over 5 hours, but still...

So I've decided to go back on the South Beach diet phase 1 for the requisite 2 weeks. The semester is over & the cafeteria is closed, so lunches are in my own power. They always were, but going to the cafe with my colleagues was fairly important to my ongoing sanity, particularly in those last few weeks of the term.

Starting weight: 133 lbs. Exactly where I started last summer! Even I could hardly believe it.

Requisite fiber content: I have been testing the Gaywool dyes and like them very much, even tough the colors are a bit 'bright' but I think with a touch of 'Silver birch' and other duller shades, I can take some of the 'Easter Egg' shades off of them. After making my way though all of the colors that I purchased, I began some very nice blends. Different that I have made before, but lovely.

Making fine headway - well, sleeveway - on the Color Lines Cardi. Sleeve #2 is about 6 inches long. No pictures yet, but there may be enough to photograph by now.

Spun like crazy this weekend at the market, making a large amount of dark brown & medium brown yarn.

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