Friday, May 22, 2009

Ready for the Weekend!

With a work deadline just a few days away, I think I will take a few days off and have a weekend. I'll bring home reading, but that's not bad. Phone and email have been quiet; most people probably got off to an early start.

This will be a home-body weekend, particularly enjoyable with last week's frenzy. I have gardening and housecleaning on the agenda. If I'm ever going to get started on the kitchen, I have a lot to do in the basement. I also have to visit my Brick and Mortar shops. Last weekend I was at Locally Grown all weekend, so I'm happy to just pay a semi-social call this weekend

Gardening includes mulching the roses and west perennial beds, digging the next squash hill, and gigging (and mulching) between the blueberries. It's just too hard to cut the grass between the plants. Also, I can plant things in between. Eggplant? Bush cukes? Note to self: Look up companion plants for blueberries.

In SMF world headquarters, I need to take pictures for Etsy, make up grab bags, do a bit of dyeing and tidy up. I tidy up a lot, but it seems to stay messy.

Facebook has been both good and bad. I stay off it during the day - just too distracting. I did build a page for Smoky Mountain Fibers and asked J to 'fan me.' This way I can test things on a very small part of the world. He is convinced that the world will beat it's way to my door. I'm not convinced that EVERYBODY is quite as adicted to FB as he is. On the other hand, I had a nice psuedo-conversation with my sister Jane, so that's a very good thing.

Staying on South Beach. 129 pounds.

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