Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Campus Creations - Mars Hill College Craft Fair

Today was the first (annual?) craft fair featuring the work of the faculty, staff, students and friends of Mars Hill College, the small private liberal arts College where I am a technology integration specialist. The college has an excellent pottery program as well as a fine photography program, so those genres were well represented. We also had several jewelry booths, and I was one of 4 knitters in attendance. There were plenty of other arts and crafts represented, including a wonderful painter.

Since the only investment was my time - and this was happening on a workday, I was not disappointed by the low sales. However, several people were interested in larger quantities of hand dyed fiber, so I handed out some business cards for the Etsy store.

Here is the best part. Next semester I will be teaching a computer class for education majors - a class I have not taught before, although I have taught all the elements. I took the books that I will be using, thinking that I could page through them during slow times. It worked! Surrounded by creativity, I thought about teaching databases in a way I had not thought of before. I jotted down a few notes.

Resolution of the day: When I plan this course I will listen to music, knit while I read (rather tedious texts), make all my sketches (though not my assignments) arts related. Want to make a database? You are at a craft show. Here are your fields: genre, age of artist, gender of artist, length of time in the field, etc.

Back at home - dyeing bronze green (much like the picture) and the Blues.

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