Thursday, November 22, 2007

Welcome to Smoky Mountain Fibers

Happy Thanksgiving!

A long weekend away from my office means a chance to do what I really like to do: playing with fiber, calling a contradance, spending time with friends. With my sweetie with his family, I am having dinner with friends.

I started the day by making a couple loaves of banana bread - one as a hostess gift, another for the freezer. Safely in the oven, I returned to the dyepot.

Today I dyed two shades of 'skin tones,' a peachy pink and a beige color, followed by the blue/green/yelllow colorway. Last night was the red/orange/yellow colorway I call 'fire.'

I took some photos for the etsy store and added a couple items to the store in anticipation of what may be a busy weekend. I am also involved in a couple of small craft shows between now and Christmas and need to have hats and yarn on hand for the shows as well as my gallery business.

As for now, time get out of my jammies and take the appetizer up the road.

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