Thursday, November 5, 2015

And now for a little R&R

The Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival (SAFF) 2015 was great.  I was again tied to the Workshop building.  But the classes went off without more hitches that I could handle, so I remain Unflappable Annie.  In a year with LOTS of changes, there were a few bumps in the road.  So we learn and do a very few things differently next year.  Here is a shot of the Friends & Fiberworks booth.  My gradient yarns are to the left of the Uber-Blanket. Thanks Lucky Fibers!     So it's now just a few days after SAFF, and as I wind down, I'm happy to chill, tie up loose ends and get ready for the next big thing. 

Hopefully it will be a small thing, but I'm going in for foot surgery soon.  I have a condition called Morton's Neuroma ( always annoying, often painful, and it just won't fix itself.  So now I'm going to get it fixed.  It's an un-busy time at the day job, and again, post-SAFF, so the time is right to put my post-surgical foot up   I will be the model patient.  OK, I'll try to be the model patient.

My LYS fiber customers are well-stocked, my Etsy shop is shut down(except for the digital patterns) and my desk at work is getting cleaner.  My desk at home...well, we won't talk about that.

A very nice man will be taking care of me as I knit, watch movies, knit, read, knit, pet the cats, get the picture.  I'll be knitting felt hats for one of my shops, socks for holiday giving, a sweater for me, dishcloths because the drawer is looking skimpy and ALMOST anything that the very nice man wants.  No sweater not tempt fate.  Beware the curse!

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Mulchandmore said...

Enjoy what sounds like a well deserved rest. I've finally retired ans started a new blog on wordpress. hoping to learn how to put a more complete picture gallery of my craft show offerings (and more organized)