Sunday, March 27, 2011


Things to do instead of working on my taxes.
1. Make a cup of tea. 
2. Laundry.  Hang up shirts from dryer & start another load, thus ensuring more dawdling later on.
3. Check the garden.  The peas planted last weekend are just coming up.  The kale is also now visible to the naked eye.  Everything is very wet as it has been a rainy weekend.  Grass is very long.
3. Turn off the dyepot.  Admire the lovely dyed fiber and put more on to soak.  More dawdling to come.
4. Post some roving to Etsy.  The 20 % off sale has done well, but I still have lots of fiber and I'm dyeing more.
5. Surf over to Facebook.  Look at pictures from last night's contra dance.  Note that those people are having fun, but I am dutifully doing my taxes.
6. Check work email to see if anyone has registered for my summer institute.  Three.  This is good since I just sent the first announcement on Friday.
7. Put on music.
8. Post to blog.  
9. Try very hard to come up with another item to make this a 10 item list.  After all, aren't 10 items better than nine? 
10. Now back to the taxes.  Bye!

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