Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Idea for the New Year

After a month-long hiatus, I am having fun at the dye pots again.  Part of the break is weather related.  My basement is quite cold and pulling fiber out of the cold water is hard on my hands.  Also, I had gotten ahead of myself and I had lots of dyed fiber.  But between my spinning, carding and sales (thanks, customers!) I needed to dye some of my favorite colorways.

I'm doing a project that seems to want some variations on a theme.  I had this idea.  Suppose I dye some of my multi-color rovings and dye additional rovings in a semi-solid version of the component colors. So last evening I dyed my Neptune colorway.  Then this morning I dyed 2 other rovings - one in the watery blue aqua color and another in the green color.  That way the spinner can decide whether she (or he) wants the yarn to be on the blue side, on the green side or just randomly Neptune-ish. This picture is the yarn drying in the sun this afternoon.

As a side note, after a false start the Mossy Cardi is coming back.  Note to self:  Check gauge better and earlier!

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