Friday, October 1, 2010

Kind of Green

Actually very green - ranging from chartreuse to moss to a nice hunter green.  This is the yarn that I spun a couple of weeks ago at Moon Dance, a contradance weekend that I attended.  I hand dyed this Blue-Faced Leicester (BFL) roving and then spun it up into a slightly bulky yarn.  The fiber is very puffy and springy and I thought it might make a nice hat.

No complicated patterning intended - just a couple rows of garter stitch, then a couple inches of moss stitch, a couple more garter rows, then plain stockinette on the top.  Just the kind of simple knitting that should make the yarn stand out.  That is the plan in any case.  Sorry about the photo.  Just a quick lunch hour snapshot, proving that there is some fiber work being done around here! 

Another travel weekend - more work deadlines - not nearly enough down time.  Oh well.  I am happy to have good health and an energy level that means I thrive on having lots to do.  Gotta go!  Lots to do!

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Henya said...

This color looks so "alive"!