Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spinning and Dyeing and Knitting - Oh My!

Last week was very busy at the day job, facilitating a week-long workshop for teachers - hence the blog silence.  But I took my tired self home each evening and spun a little everyday and knit while I watched movies.  I have been knitting up stash yarn isnce spring and have been getting a bit tired of it.  I have made a decent dent in the stash, but frankly, it was getting a bit dull.  It was time to be a bit more creative, so I pulled out some handspun yarns and knitted a few hats for the upcoming fall hat inventory.

I also have been dyeing my 'stock colors,' semi-solids for grab bags,and some new colors as well.  The color you see here is 'Antique Roses,' a pale peachy-pinky-gold that is just lovely.

Last Saturday was cool and rainy, a perfect day to spend at the drum carder.  So I have been spinning as well, both some angora for a friend and pretty colors for the Locally Grown Gallery as well as for my own work.  So quiet, yes. Busy, Oh, yes!

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