Thursday, December 18, 2008

Putting Smoky Mountain Fibers to Bed

Just a nap, of course.

Because of my holiday travel, I took everything but the patterns offline. I can 'ship' them from anywhere. I will say that has had a terrific year. I have reached my personal goal of 1,000 sales earlier this month. It has been both a learning experience and highly satisfying business venture. Still in no danger of quitting my day job, I know that I could support myself if need be. Right now, I do as much as I have time for without making myself too crazy. Could I do more? of course! A newsletter, more frequent blogging, Facebook and MySpace pages, a Ravelry group, the list goes on and on. But I can't do everything - keep the B&M stores happy, teach my classes, call dances and be a SAFF board member. What I can do is continue to offer good customer service, dye good colors in yarn and roving and develop patterns for the hats that I love to make.

The scarf is coming along about 5 feet long, just a few more inches to go. I'll start the next scarf soon, then onto the Calorimetry for Jane (in a cashmere blend!)and maybe one for me (though in a mere wool-silk blend that has been in the stash forever). For Austin? a scarf? will I be able to stand it? perhaps the Turn a Square hat? hmmm...

For part of my travel knitting, I plan to take a couple of UFOs - the 'Fetching' variant handwarmers I started for Page and a couple pairs of socks that could use some actual feet and toes. I am also taking patterns for other headbands, hats and socks that may come to life at the end of needles during some quiet time.

I may give in and not take my spinning wheel to the Contradancers Delight. It takes up a lot of space for what may turn out to be about 4 hours of spinning. J is right - knitting is much more portable. Note to self: Spindle spinning!

Semi-bad news: 126 pounds. Still 10 pounds better then last year, but that is what Januray is for!

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Heather said...

1,000 sales? That's amazing. Congratulations!