Sunday, December 14, 2008

Knitting for Love

This weekend I delivered handspun yarn, hand dyed roving, patterns, cute little felted flower pins and about a dozen knitted hats to the Brick and Mortar accounts and mailed a couple of Etsy orders. I hereby declare the commercial knitting season over. Time to move on to knitting for the people I love.

So it's scarves, and hats for the people that I love and who appreciate my knitting. I think I'll even pop these into Ravelry. I've been wanting to make Calorimetry, so here's my chance, in a Noro Cashmere blend. I'm planning a couple of simple scarves for J's parents. I've also picked up a couple of nice pieces of pottery for J&A and possibly L&E.

Once the semester fully winds down, grades are posted and the course is fully planned out, we'll be spending a couple of days in Columbus, OH; then on to Pittsburgh for the big day with 2 of my favorite nephews. After that we will dance a few days at the Contradancers Delight Holiday, hosted by Warren and Terry Doyle in Morganton, WV.

Last Monday was the annual benefit Waltz at the Grey Eagle here in Asheville. Big fun, lots of waltzing with all my favorite partners. Thanks to Dennis and company for taking lots of photos, including this one, in which my sweetie is holding my hand, not copping a feel!

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