Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Monday

I've been doing a bunch of interesting stuff lately, but not exactly knitting-spinning-dyeing blog appropriate unless you have rather low standards.  Here are some random highlights...
  1. I am hosting a meeting at work and tomorrow I have a bunch of my colleagues coming from around the country.  It's hot as blue blazes, but it's hot everywhere, and I can't do much about the weather.  August is hot.
  2. The garden continues it's summer growth & I have to water it with city water, so the cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes & zucchini may be only a little cheaper than the organic ones at the neighborhood Whole Foods.
  3. My 1940's era kitchen is being remodeled (Yeah!) so I can't cook.  The zukes are being dehydrated into zucchini chips.  The green beans are being given away if they are too big to eat raw
  4. I will soon have a decent kitchen.  It is the last room that I have fixed up in my little 1920's house.  The electrician is there today.  Imagine: code!
  5. I have been trying to finish a sweater I started 2 years ago.  I picked up the button bands 2 weeks ago when I was staying in a hotel with the air conditioning set to minus 0.  I haven't quite gotten around to sewing them down
  6. Socks are smaller knitting projects to hold onto when it is hot out - and in.
  7. I have been spinning - a lovely wool silk blend that I plan to turn into a sweater.
  8. It might get finished in 2 years.
  9. Maybe 3, because I am spinning the yarn.
So obviously there is gardening, home improvement and professional work going on.  Oh and fiber.  Note to self:  Take some pictures.   Perhaps this is blog fodder after all.

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