Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting Reading for the Show

This Saturday I will be a demonstrator & vendor at the sweet little Mars Hill Heritage Festival on the campus of Mars Hill College where I work.  I'll be carding & spinning a lovely natural brown/grey fleece and selling hats, yarn and fiber.  Now nobody ever gets rich at this little show, but we do put on a good event.  There will be live traditional music, handmade pottery (and kids can throw a pot), 4-H booths, milking goats, an apple butter kettle, a keeper of bees and a number of eceolygy/sustainablility/history displays of the campus quad.  The usual vendors will be down on Main Street.

Between now and then I need to...

  • Tag yarn and hats
  • Felt some knitted hats
  • Ply and wash yarns 
  • Weigh and tag fiber
  • Make a bunch of signs
  • Assemble my display stuff
  • Assemble the portable 'office'
  • Pack the truck
  • Snag stuff I need from Locally Grown

Because we have an English dance event that same evening, I also need to...
  • Clean the house (because you never know where the party will be!)
  • Tidy the guest room
  • Bake cookies
  • Assemble table linens & serving utensils
  • Pick and arrange flowers
  • Better clean the bathroom too
Since I don't do many craft shows (about 3 per year!), I have to reinvent the wheel every time.  But since a good bit of the stock of SmokyMountainFibers will come to the event, it's a good way for local Ravelers and Etsians who wish to can see my work.  I put a note on Ravelry inviting spinners to bring wheels and spindles and 'set a spell' as we say up in these mountains.  Should be chilly (good for hat sales) and I hope it's sunny!

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