Thursday, August 6, 2009

Circle of Friends

It's the first Thursday of each month - that's fiber night for my women friends. We were acquaintances when we started about a year and a half ago, but have morphed into a close circle. All of us are full-time working professionals who have come together over a love for fiber.

We have a potluck dinner, a glass of wine, lots of talk and then knit, spin, quilt, sew or not. The food is always very good and the companionship is wonderful. We have seen each other through difficult relationships, deaths of parents, health challenges and the interesting activities of grown children. Ocassionally we have a special guest or sweetie join us, but usually it's just us. In real life we are (mostly) teachers and therapists; in our group we teach and heal each other and ourselves.

August finds us a small group, with people on vacation or with family commitments. So we will be three or four meeting at the farm of one woman who is a therapist who works with people and horses. I'll be knitting a Windy City hat - nothing terribly exciting.

Tonight I am fixing a mess of kale from the garden. The greens, onion and jalapeno are from the garden, but that really doesn't matter. The woman who planned on bringing dessert had to cancel. It is likely we will just pick up ice cream.

I love this group. I find it comforting and strengthening. Seven women who came together over the love of making stuff - quilts, woven bags, crocheted scarves and afghans, handspun yarns, knitted socks and so much more, have woven ( or knitted or quilted) together a circle of friends.

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Elaine said...

Hi AnneMarie,

Thanks for leaving a note on my website. Actually, I know that the first few posts are dated December 2009. In fact that was done on purpose so they are always visible.

Blogging is not my cup of tea at all. I've designed and knit sweaters just about all of my life and have literally made hundreds of them. I never take photos and so the photo of one of my jackets is a very rare thing. About the only things I actively post are contest announcements and I have a bunch of folks who depend on me to let them know about any contests coming up. They scroll down. We all have our little quirks and personal ways of doing things.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I do enjoy lurking around other blogs and your's in a new one for me.